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Our Mission at AquaFounders

We aim to enable the next leap in fish farming by transitioning it onto land, igniting innovation, and advocating for environmentally friendly practices to protect our oceans and meet the increasing need of feeding a growing population.

As founders, fish farmers, and entrepreneurs, our mission is to drive the progress of the sustainable land-based aquaculture sector.

We are dedicated to developing and investing in cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and untapped species that can foster the industry's growth.


By developing and enabling responsible businesses in the Land Based sector, we help to alleviate the strain on our oceans and safeguard wild fish populations and provide unparalleled access for our investors into a unique growth sector, while meeting the surging demand for seafood and upholding our environmental responsibilities.

Fish and Lemons
Fish and Lemons

Advancing the Future of Land-Based Aquaculture  

Land- Based Aquaculture 

Why is land-based aquaculture our priority?


Our Projects 

What are we currently working on?

Fish Pail

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